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The refrigerator, the most common domestic appliance in any household, keeps food and drinks cold. Low temperatures keep perishables fresh and safe to eat longer than when they are allowed to sit in room temperature.

A fridge cools by means of evaporation. The evaporation process absorbs the heat, thus keeping the inside of the refrigerator cool and dry. The major components of a home refrigerator consist of the compressor, heat-exchange pipes, expansion valve, and a refrigerant or coolant.

Here’s a handy power-saving tip: avoid the frequent opening of your fridge door to save electricity. Each time you open the door, warm air rushes inside the fridge and its compartments. This forces your refrigerator to cycle again in order to lower the temperature back to what’s set by the thermostat. You may also want to fill your refrigerator with food and drinks as “buffers” to localized changes in temperature when you open the door.

Have you noticed any of these common problems with your refrigerator?

  •  Your refrigerator’s thermostat does not turn on and off but instead runs constantly.
  • Your freezer fails to freeze the food.
  •  The refrigerator does not cool properly.

Handy Troubleshooting Tips for Common Refrigerator Problems

For a steadily running fridge where the thermostat does not switch the compressor on and off when a certain temperature is reached, you need to check for air clearance. The fridge must have air circulating on all sides and it must not be completely backed against the corner of your kitchen. Check the light switch on the fridge door. If it’s faulty, then replace it with a new one. Now, if the compressor fails to shut down long after the refrigerator has sufficiently cooled, then the refrigerant may not be enough. If that is the case, you need to contact a professional appliance technician. Repairing the thermostat on your own can void your warranty.

  •  If the freezer does not freeze your food properly, then the internal temperature may not be enough. Rearrange the food packages inside the freezer. That works sometimes. Also, check if the door gaskets work and seal the freezer completely. If not, then the gaskets need to be replaced.
  •  A refrigerator that does not cool properly points to a compressor problem, if you’ve ascertained that the thermostat works properly. Does the compressor motor hum steadily at the back of the fridge? If it does, then one of its component parts needs to be fixed or replaced. This is best left to an appliance repair pro.
  • Still having trouble with your refrigerator? Then let our professional appliance repair technicians help you.
If you are in the Houston area, then contact us now and schedule a service appointment. We will give you a price estimate before one of our appliance repair pros comes over.

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