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Your electricity-intensive clothes dryer can be thought of as a simple mechanical assembly which consists of a tumbler, a heater, and a vent. The rotating tumbler is what holds your clothes to be dried. Powered either by gas or electricity, the heater heats the air that circulates through the clothes in order to dry them. The exhaust vent lets the stream that’s produced by the drying process to exit your dryer unit and your house.

The vent is the most critical part of your clothes dryer. On top of regular cleaning of lint in your dryer, the exhaust vent must also be religiously maintained and cleaned.

Have you noticed any of these common problems with your dryer?

  • The tumbler drum does not move.
  • Your clothes dryer is abnormally noisy.
  • The dried clothes that come out of your dryer are so wrinkly.
  • Your dryer does not produce any heat or it won’t start.

Handy Troubleshooting Tips for Common Dryer Problems

  • If the drum of your dryer does not tumble when you turn the unit on, then it can mean a worn belt or an obstruction in the belt that prevents it from turning. Unplug the unit then check the condition of the belt and the idler pulley. Replace broken or worn parts. Tumbling problems can also result from motor shaft issues.
  • An abnormally noisy dryer can mean worn or loose parts. Loose items from your clothes can also end up inside the dryer. They produce noise as the tumbler turns. You need to unplug the unit first, empty it of its contents, and check for any stray items. Squeaking is normal during the first few seconds when you turn on the dryer. Moreover, if you use gas for your heater, then the gas valve also produces noise upon startup.
  • Wrinkled clothes mainly result from leaving the clothes inside the dryer long after the tumbling process is finished. You can prevent overly wrinkled clothes by simply taking them out after they are done tumbling. You may also want to use a fabric softener to minimize wrinkling. Sort your laundry properly according to type of material and fabric care specifications.
  • The problems of no heat and failure of the motor to start may be caused by insufficient voltage supply to the unit or blown fuse panels or thermostats. To repair, you need to replace the faulty thermal fuse or the thermostat.

Still having trouble with your clothes dryer? Then let our professional appliance repair technicians help you.
If you are in the Houston area, then contact us now and schedule a service appointment. We will give you a price estimate before one of our appliance repair pros comes over.

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